Sony Live view -I have been going through


I have been playing with my newly arrived Sony Live View device since last week . Started a genuine writeup about the lovely gadget . expect the great stuff across one of my blogs Soon. is up now

It was quite accidental ,the name that I chose  for this blog . I mean . It was a web site for my previous computer business that had some  visible connections with the name .But after, I quit the business I started to change this into a blog in order to utilize the registered name and space paid in advance for years. technology blog

There was positive and negative views of the name of this blog from my friends. I also could not judge what is right and what is wrong ,in order to express my interest on technology and gadgets I have started another blog called ,it is clearly a blog for technology relevant stuff as name suggests ,I will maintain as a place for my personal entries .


At ,you will get hottest gadget,mobile and computer news ,reviews and how to guides . Why don’t you visit there now and write your comments over there…


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What I love from New Statcounter version !

Find you Google’s rank in the search results


If you have a web site or blog ,you should always worry about  search engine optimization ,Google page rank,Alexa Rank and related stuff.

One of the important things is the position/rank  of your web site/blog in search results of  leading search engines like Google to consider.

The famous ,the free web stat service rolled out to it’s new version recently ,came up with lot of useful enhancements and features to the users.The feature I love is the keyword activity page for your web site tracking .

google's rank of's search query

The recent Keyword Activity page now shows the queries and the rank of your web page in Google search for that particular search term.

For example : scores a rank #2 for the query “Xoom Tablet Update” in Google search.This feature will help your to determine the position of  your web site for your targeted key words.

How to get Unicode Font support on Android platform ?

unicode in motorola xoom
If you want to view web sites designed with Unicode font system ,ie web sites displaying non English fonts like Tamil,Hindi etc..on Android based phones or Tablets it is quite possible now.

How to configure your Android phone or Tablet to display Unicode ?

  1. Install Opera Mini Web Browser in your Phone /Tablet which is freely available
  2. Type Config:  at the Address bar (no www/http or any other marks only the word config and the colon mark )
  3. Press Enter in your Tablet key board or click Go on the phone
  4. The configuration page will appear now,where go to the option “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts” and Choose “yes” (by default it is no ,so change it to yes)
  5. Click Save in the bottom of this configuration page and exit from the browser
  6. Now restart the browser and try to view your desired Unicode web sites.

Please note ,this options are not available on the standard settings tab of the opera browser ,you have to use above steps to get into the Configuration Area of the Opera Mini browser .

Motorola Xoom Tablet Gets Android 3.2 Update

If you are one of the Xoom owners ,you can have a small party for the update going to receive shortly. Google and Motorola is working together to roll out the Android Honeycomb 3.1 to the new Honeycomb 3.2 Version.

motorola xoom honeycomb 3.2 update

As per the news leaked from various sources ,this will be the final update for the Honeycomb operating system .

What you will get in the new Honeycomb 3.2

  • SD card full support
  • More hardware support in general  (not Xoom specific update ,but lot of new types of processor chips  get support now)
  • New Zoom feature – This is a screen compatibility mode update ,this feature makes   applications developed for the phones to fit the Xoom’s  largest screen (for other Tablets too )
  • Now more stable and fast
  • 7” Tablets get the screen optimization and more support .

But the news coming from fellow blogs like Mobileburn confirm ,the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi version only would get the Honeycomb 3.2 update ,not the Xoom 3G/Wi-Fi model like mine Sad smile

How to update your Moto Xoom  to latest Android version ?

  1. Tap settings on the right bottom of your screen
  2. Go to  the option “About Tablet“
  3. Tab System Updates (This is the first option of the list ,scroll up if it is not appear firstly)
  4. Now Xoom will check for available update and let you know ,if update is available guide you step by step !
  5. That’s all !

How is internet on Motorola Xoom–my experience !

Internet experience on Motorola Xoom – Honeycomb Tablet

motorola xoom with nice theme

Do you really need a tablet pc ?

While I search answer for this question, I just thought to share my internet experience with the Honeycomb tablet so far.

I  have a Motorola Xoom 3G/Wi-Fi version .This is my second week with this new tablet pc running Android Honeycomb 3.1

A Tablet – How useful for internet use ?

Mainly Xoom started to replace my laptop in terms of internet usage. I use the tablet for internet browsing around 90 percentage.  The rest is left for my laptop because of the Tamil web pages that I read don’t support  honeycomb as it doesn’t have the Unicode support yet.

What is good /bad /ugly about the honeycomb browser ?

The in built web browser is good in terms of usability, but it crashes every day at least two times. This may be because of the number of tabs I open while I use the net. Anyhow it should not go like this. If we can restore the web sites we visited after a crashed session like many desktop browsers do,then it would be fine. I badly need this functionality with the honeycomb browser.

Entering the web addresses are pretty Easy, just tab the top of the browser and type the address .The onscreen Android key board is very easy to use. I don’t have any issues with the text input in this device. I am typing this post fully from my tablet .

xoom web browser-tab the name of the webweb address bar comes down on xoom with a tab

Flash/Video/Audio in Web Sites ?

Flash based web sites are supported after you’ve installed the adobe flash plugin from the Android market.

Where Honeycomb browser needs improvement ?

Heavy java and flash mixed web pages like Facebook are little bit slow, zooming in and zooming out too little bit hard,as page goes off and come back ,you will have some darker moments on such heavy web sites.

What are the best third party Web Browsers for Honeycomb ?

I have installed Opera Mobile 11, Opera Mini 6 , Skyfire 4.0 web browsers in my Xoom Tablet for testing purposes.

Pinch to zoom, double tab to get back the normal size are the decent functions work perfectly in every browser.

Page load time ,flash support ,desktop like page rendering- in this all aspects the Honeycomb default web browser is leading ,really simple and superb. Opera browsers render the web pages like more mobile friendly .

Skyfire seems to force you to rate it or tweet about it and purchase their video toolbar (some pop up ads in the browser)

But Opera Mobile and Opera Mini just do the job silently.

Watching videos works fine in every browser including the honeycomb’s in built one.

Push to Email in Honeycomb

The inbuilt email application allows you to add any number of email accounts, and you get a combined email box where you get your all of your mails l in one place. You have the option to use the inbuilt Gmail application too. So I use the Gmail app as well the email app for my pop and Hotmail accounts.

Push to email works like a charm in Android systems ,I used to receive emails in my Samsung Galaxy Sii  and the Motorola Xoom both mostly in same time.

Google Services on Xoom

Google Calendar is integrated well and I am happy with it. I can see the updated. Calendar entries in my all devices.

Google Talk

Video calls are good via Google Talk in your Xoom. I had great time with the help of Google Talk.

I am planning a huge list of posts that will help new Xoom users like me ,as there are very limited resources for Honecomb on the net .

Poll : What is your Next Phone – check it out

Hi friends,

There are lot of changes taking place in the mobile phone industry now. After Nokia’s decision to abandon Symbian by 2016 ,there are lot of people moving from the Nokia to some other new devices with a stable operating system .

What would you think about your next new phone ,or let us know what is the phone you purchased very recently ! Please tell your friends to take a part in this poll ,let us know the trend !

What is your next Phone and or O/S

View Results

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Samsung galaxy S II – initial thoughts


It’s my second day with the new lovely Samsung galaxy S II . It is little bit  hard to move from Symbian phone to Android phone for the  long time Symbian fan (ye it’s me), even I could not imagine  about a change like this a year ago. After using my friend’s Samsung galaxy variant with the very first Android O/S for some time – I had been going through some transformation . Today it’s end up with the purchase of new Samsung galaxy S II. A phone with extra large screen(4.3″) for big screen lovers ,Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system and all latest connectivity packed together. Holding the phone is little bit difficult as the size is big. But it is light weight and extremely thin ……visit tomorrow for the rest of my initial thoughts …thanks

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 or Xoom 10.1 or Apple ipad 2 ?

This is the time for upgrade myself with a Tablet ,I have roamed around the blogs ,forums and product web sites to study about the best Tablet in the market ,Ye I’ve found the best match for me after 48 hrs of hard work .

There were lot of famous  devices like  Apple iPad ,then iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7” for past  years ,but I missed all those to taken into the account due to my Nokia Mania ,I hope I am coming out from it little by little.

Why do you need a Tablet PC

Basically tablet Pcs are not necessary if you are not always on the move ,I hope . If you have a good smart phone and a light weight Note Book that’s all for your needs today.

If you  do lot of reading ,and like to have lot of email communications then you have to think about Tablet PCs .

I do travel a lot and cannot live with internet and email ,so I deserved to have a Tablet PC.

The Best Tablets of  Year 2011- You have to compare before buy !

Apple iPad II is a famous device no doubt ,even Apple has given re birth to the Tablet industry . Samsung Galaxy tab 7” too seemed good. I mostly give priority to hardware and conscious about openness of the software and future updates . I thought to go for a mid sized  8.9′ tablet from Samsung but ,see what I have choosed after a short break ! 

Appli iPad II ,why I didn’t go for it

  • Closed nature of IOS , Lack of Free Apps availability
  • No adobe flash support ,makes web experience bad
  • Missing flash light in the camera and the lesser resolutions of the cams

Why I didn’t go for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 ”

samsung galaxy tab 10.1"

It is for a simple reason ,the device is not released  yet ! otherwise I would have gone for this definitely

Ok ,Then why not Samsung Galaxy Tab 7”

It is an old model now and the screen size matters to me ,I need bigger !

Finally What did you choose ?

motorola xoom 10.1 review

Ye ,I have gone for a Motorola Xoom 10.1’ 3G/Wi-Fi model. Currently Xoom is the tablet with all features under the roof. Even though little bit heavier than Apple I pad 2(613 Grams Vs 725 Grams) ,Xoom captured a place in my mind for various reasons .

There are lot of reasons to go for Xoom ,please come back to have a full fledge review of Xoom and Applications list here !

Have you lost few Keys from your Laptop ? Here is the solution !

laptop key replacement

Keys on the Laptop keyboards are very sophisticated ,easy to come up alone if  you fiddle with. My 3 years old daughter pulled few keys from my Samsung R420 laptop . I checked for the replacement keys from most of the computer hardware shops ,all said that “You have to go for a full keyset replacement pack ,you cannot buy few keys alone ,that will cost you around USD 80-120 .”

I have checked with my friends who are in Singapore and Malaysia ,still I could not find  better solution . I Googled for the solution and came across the website called a dedicated laptop key sellers. I have browsed through the lists and found keys for my laptop model (compatible )a key costs only  USD 4.99. I have ordered for ”Y”  “Alt” keys ,with shipping cost (normal post)altogether my order came to USD 12 something.


I have got the keys placed inside a  long envelop within 7 days from my order. Just placed the keys on my key board ,fixed !

I am happy about the following things indeed :

  1. Very fast delivery(from US to Sri Lanka )
  2. Affordable price for individual keys
  3. No customs ,duty problems I faced as it came as a letter post

Have you lost few keys from your laptop ? don’t worry now we know the solution !

SPB Mobile Shell 3D for Android–enjoy your phone !

SPB the developers of the SPB Mobile Shell -the famous user interface ,that can be installed in  your phone and the way you handle the phone becomes more easier and interesting-Now released a new version called SPB Mobile Shell 3D for Android Operating System (See my full review of SPB Mobile Shell for Symbian )

spb shell 3D new UI for Android

Who can get SPB Mobile Shell 3D?

If you own an Android based phone with Android Version 2.1 or above you can have the SPB Shell 3 D in your phone. I am big a fan of SPB Shell . Watch out this video demo . You can buy SPB Shell 3D for a price of  14.95 USD from Android Market.

Mobile Phone Roulette

Perhaps you caught someone playing mobile roulette on their mobile phone on the way to work and they were having so much fun you thought you had to try it too. Or perhaps you enjoy online roulette and are ready to play roulette even when you don’t have easy access to a computer or the Internet. Either way, if you want to play mobile roulette but aren’t sure how, read on.

Step One to Playing Mobile Roulette: Getting the Application

Before you can play mobile roulette, you’ll need a mobile roulette application. Finding one online isn’t hard, just search for a mobile casino site. Getting it onto your phone isn’t hard either, providing your mobile device is compatible. There will be a list of devices on the site that will tell you. If your device isn’t one of them, you’re out of luck unless you can find a different mobile casino that can connect with your device. With compatibility out of the way, just put your phone number and the appropriate code into the website and verify the application on your mobile device.

Step Two to Playing Mobile Roulette: Set Up

To play, set up a mobile casino account in the same way as you would if you wanted to play roulette online. Just as with an online casino, you’ll want to make sure you have a nice sign up bonus code to get money added to your bankroll just for playing. Once you’re loaded with funds, all you have to do is go to the application to get started. United States players may not be able to play mobile roulette or any mobile games under current U.S. gaming legislation.

Step Three to Playing Mobile Roulette: Play

Play mobile roulette the same way you would play live or online roulette, except you’ll need to use the keypad to move chips onto the virtual felt rather than a mouse or your hands. It’s pretty easy, but if you need some practice to get the hang of it, you can play for free in demo mode until you are comfortable. After that, it’s just the roulette you know and love.

Nokia Kills Symbian by 2014 !

Symbian Vs Windows Phone illustation map

Nokia revealed above illustration in the on going Mobile World Congress event yesterday. The Illustration clearly states the focus of Nokia on bringing the WP7 as the mainstream and that automatically kills Symbian.

Nokia C.E.O briefs about the Plan of Nokia in coming years  in this videos

Nokia’s C.E.O briefs the plight of Nokia and Symbian etc

What do you think after listening to Stephen Elop’s statements here ?

Follow us on twitter at @pspezone


Nokia Employees walked out–to protest Giving up Symbian !

Over 2500 Nokia employees in Finland work on Symbian OS. When they got news of Nokia Partnering with Microsoft to dump Symbian for Windows Phone 7, over 1000s of them went out on streets protesting to tell Nokia that they are not loving it.

It is an emotional moment indeed for lot of us here too. After spending years to gain a better Symbian based knowledge or expertise ,just thinking about working for another new platform may gives pressure to them.

Next step in the New Nokia+Microsoft saga ,the cut off of lot of employees working on Symbian based area may happen. As a good effect ,may lot of ex Nokians stat new software companies and mobile solutions soon.


Grab your Free Copy of SPB Mobile shell–Count down started !


Giveaway of free licenses of SPB Mobile Shell-2011 offers you a full free Licences of the famous UI alternative  for Mobile phones ,Mobile Shell now and the Giveaway ends on the 30th of January 2011.

Mobile Shell application makes your phone more faster and more usable ,totally your interface will change and you will feel like got a new phone . SPB Mobile shell is few of the expensive mobile application priced for 29 USD ,now going for free on a promotion at the mobile technology blog .

You may try your luck there !

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